10" MINI X
10" MINI X

10" MINI X

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The  10" Mini X is a hand crafted cedar lure that can effectively be twitched, cranked, or trolled. This lure comes standard with a durable aluminum lip. The tight swimming action of the 10" Mini is irresistible to game fish. Sealed, hand painted, and two coats of hand brushed epoxy makes the 10" Mini X not only beautiful but also makes it extremely durable. 10" Mini X comes standard with three 4/0 Premium Black Trident Treble Hooks.

Length 10" Weight 6.2oz

Twitch 2' to 6' deep                                                                                                                  

Crank to 8' deep

Trolling to 12' deep

Trolling speeds over 6mph 











rolls over 6mph with aluminum lip