The Medussa comes in 6 different sizes. Each size has been designed to the perfect length, precise weight, and balance. Medussa's three irresistible tails that have been designed to catch you a trophy!  Anglers will have amazing success with a straight retrieve, pulling, ripping, twitching, and even jigging. No matter how you fish a Medussa you cant fish it wrong. 

Posseidon 10 and 12 has been designed to the perfect length, weight, and balance to swim like no other paddle tail swim bait can. The Posseidons solid construction makes them more durable than any other soft plastic swim bait made. Posseidon can be fished in many different styles straight retrieve, ripping, twitching, and even trolling. If the Posseidon 10 is moving it's catching.

Pegassus is one of the most versatile soft plastic lures ever made. Pegassus has an incredible swimming action that draws trophy fish from long distance and provokes vicious strikes. Pegassus gets deep and stays deep. Without question Pegassus is the best lure for bottom contact casting made.

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