6.75" CXT

The 6.75" CXT is a hand crafted balsa twitch bait. With it's quick darting side to side action and hard vibration the CXT perfectly imitates a wounded or dying baitfish that game fish find irresistible. Sealed, hand painted with 2 coats of hand brushed epoxy makes the CXT not only a beautiful and natural looking lure but also extremely durable. The CXT comes standard with 3- 2/0 Black Trident Premium treble hooks and a 1/8" Lexon lip thats 25% heavier than most balsa twitch baits. 

Length 6.75"   


Twitching depth 1-3'

1/8" Lexon lip for durability

3- 2/0 Black Trident Treble hooks for solid hookups.

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