Esox Assault produces many different styles of high quality Bucktails and spinnerbaits. Utilizing only the highest grade materials and our own Esox Mylar skirts. We manufacture many sizes and styles from the Drone, a single 6 with a 5.5" skirt to the EA-109, a revolutionary design that combines two different blade sizes, and two 8.5" skirts to create a unique sound profile that drives muskies wild. No matter the season or  what conditions you find yourself in, Esox Assault makes a bucktail that will fit every need.

Esox Mylar Skirt Material Is produced and designed specificly for use in bucktail skirts. It is extremely durable and shimmers similar to that of the prey that muskies eat. With many colors in solid and holographic style, there are literally 1000's of color combinations possible.